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Clone of What type of information does the Deed provide?

“In common law, a deed is any legal document that transfers the ownership of real estate from the seller to the buyer”. In other words, is the document that ensures the house you just bought is yours.

Many people visit us to run online title searches. While they often search for the title on a property, they usually want to know where to find the deed to a house. Titles aren’t physical, but conceptual.

When you own a property, you own both the deed and the title. In real estate, to hold a title means you have ownership and a right to use the property. A property deed is a legal document that transfers property ownership from a seller/grantor to a buyer/grantee. A deed contains the legal description of the property (including property lines) and denotes the seller/grantor and the buyer/grantee. It shows who you bought your house from, and when you sell it, it shows who you sold it to. Both parties must sign the document to make it official.

What are the elements of a deed?

  • Identity. A deed document should clearly identify the (grantor) or party giving up ownership and the (grantee) or party acquiring that ownership.
  • Land description: Description of the property or property lines, proof of the land, legal description, Exhibit “A”
  • Signature: For a deed to be legal, it must include the signatures of the buyer and seller
  • Delivery and acceptance

Who holds the deed to my house? When your purchase a house with a mortgage, the lender has the rights to that property until the loan or debt is paid. If you buy a house without a mortgage, the real estate attorney or title company records the deed and issues a copy to you.

How do I locate the deed to my house? Check out this video and find out how easy is to download the most recent deed of a property in our application

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