Ordinance 22-7
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Ordinance 22-7 and Short Term Rentals Honolulu

Honolulu Title Reports

Are you a Property Manager, or Property Owner who needs to comply with Ordinance 22-7 ?

Download Sample of Title Report for Honolulu short term rentals in minutes! Honolulu Title Reports

We have been working with Property Management companies and our reports have been submitted to the city of Honolulu for approval.

Ordinance 22-7 Section 21-5.730(b)(1)(A) requires a title report for registration, “title report for the subject property that has been issued or updated within 30 days prior to its submission, and identifies all persons owning an interest in the property”
a. DPP has accepted express property and lien check report, conditional report, and preliminary report from title companies to satisfy the requirement for a title report.
i. A Deed is not a title report.
ii. A property report is not a title report.
iii. A Certificate of Title is not a title report.
iv. A printout of the Real Property Assessment Division information is not a title report.

Department of Planning and Permitting City & County of Honolulu

Short-term rentals (STRs) are also known as vacation rentals, and are lodgings that provide guest accommodation for less than 30 consecutive days. In order to preserve housing for long-term residents, STRs are only permitted in resort-zoned areas and a couple of specific apartment-zoned areas.

There are two types of STR:

  • Bed and breakfast homes (B&Bs) – The homeowner or permanent resident is present during the transient stay. Up to two rooms may be rented, with a maximum of two adult transient occupants per room.
  • Transient vacation units (TVUs) – Commonly known as whole home or unhosted rentals. A maximum of two adult transient occupants are allowed per room.
  • Ordinance 22-7. Short Term Rentals Honolulu