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What to expect in a 3-Day Pass

Tip #1: Try All 3 Search Options

When you login to your account, you will see 3 search options available:
Search by: Address, People, Map

You can:

  • Search by Address
  • Search by Owner
  • Search by Map

Be sure to explore all 3 to see how much information you can find!

Tip #2: Try Typing the Address in Different Ways
Your 3-Day Pass gives you access to up to 100 searches for over 140 Million properties throughout the United States! So be sure to take advantage and search as many properties as you want, in as many different ways as you want.

Having 100 searches is especially helpful if you’re having trouble finding info for a particular property, such as a commercial property or apartment building.

If you’re not getting any info for a property, try typing the address in slightly different ways. Sometimes writing the full words “South Main Street” instead of “s main st” makes a big difference!

Tip #3: Save or Print Important Info
Since your 3-Day Pass will expire in 3 days, be sure to download or print any important info you want to save before your account becomes inactive.

You can print any property report using the Print functionality within your browser:

Bonus Tip:
Be on the lookout for the next edition of our exclusive newsletter “The Lever” which is designed to give you all kinds of useful information about real estate. The Lever is ONLY available to current and past customers!

And don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook for more great tips and information about properties and real estate!

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