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Why Personal Lines Property Insurance Agents Use PropertyScout.io for Property Records Searches

As insurance agents, we wrestle with how long it takes to complete insurance applications. Property owners don’t want to take a ton of time answering questions. A long phone call with an agent following a template asking detailed questions about the property is frustrating for everyone involved.

This can cause friction in getting a policy written.

Customers want the process to be as quick as possible while carriers need details to make sure the premium correctly covers the property risks.

Agents stand in the middle of trying to provide a smooth experience while quoting a policy that gives the policyholder peace of mind with the certainty they’ll be covered in the event of a loss.

PropertyScout.io saves time by quickly providing the details in one place at a reasonable price. Think of it as an assistant to help guide the application conversation. It can also identify other areas that should be covered.

Here is how some property insurance agents use PropertyScout.io: 

  • Ensure the policyholders’ name(s) correctly match the legal owners’ names prevents claims issues later
  • Resident details tell how many adults list the property as their address and if the property is owner occupied
  • Automated valuation models give data points for coverage amount
  • Mortgage information shows the publicly filed debt on the property
  • Satellite views display structures on the property, features like swimming pools, and roof quality
  • Overhead images help to estimate wildfire defensible space
  • Parcel maps draw boundary lines and illustrate potential abutter issues
  • Property details support application answers about heating systems, foundations, construction type, and more!

Why Catastrophic Property Claims Adjusters Use PropertyScout.io for Property Records Searches

With property claims from natural disasters increasing by more than 100% in the 10 years, claims adjusters are busier than ever.

Displaced policyholders who paid premiums now want their insurance benefits. In an online world they expect to see their claims handled quickly. Insurance carriers know this; they’ve been working on the concept of touchless claims for years. They and their Third Party Administrators feel the pressure to resolve claims quickly because a bad experience generally means losing a hard-won policyholder.

At the same time, the FBI estimates fraudulent claims can be as high as 10% during catastrophes. Claims managers are stuck in a hard place between paying claims fast and conducting the due diligence to combat fraud. Adjusters are the final mile of this challenge.

One way adjusters use PropertyScout.io is for quick due diligence prior to claim approval. They want to check: 

  • Does the insured’s name match the owner?
  • What mortgages are on the property?
  • Are there any liens?
  • What are the boundaries on the property?
  • Are/Were there any other structures?
  • Who lived in the residence? 

All this can be quickly done by a desk adjuster within our application and turned into a downloadable report with your company’s logo or ours.

Everything in one place: fast, accurate, and reasonably priced.

Why Lending Professionals Use PropertyScout.io for Property Records Searches

It can be difficult to navigate through confusing public record websites only to find they provide just a portion of the information you need. Especially if your business serves more than a few counties. You can save time and money having one place to go for all the property record information you need.

Lending Service Providers use PropertyScout.io to quickly verify details for property being used as secondary collateral so they can save the time and expense of a full title search.

Sometimes a title search is more than is needed when the collateral plays a small part in the funding decision. That’s where PropertyScout.io can help with financial analysis to: 

  • Confirm property ownership
  • Get an overview image of the parcel
  • Verify year built
  • Document property tax record amounts
  • Identify acreage or square footage of lots and structures
  • Provide a estimated value with range and confidence score
  • Create custom reports that return only the information you need to easily copy into a loan memo

All can be found within our application and generated into a single pdf report with the PropertyScout.io logo for third party credibility with lenders.

All in one place: quick, accurate, and reasonably priced.

Sample Property Record Reports

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Property Details

Property Ownership | Property Details  | Legal Description | Last Sale | Tax Info | Estimated Property Value

Deed Tab

Deed Type | Transaction Information | Grantor/Grantee Names | Title Company Name

Mortgage Tab

Sale Amount | Transfer Date | Age | Buyer's & Seller's names

Open Involuntary Liens

Date | Type of Lien | Parties Involved

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