NeighborWho Property Search – Is It Right For You?

Knowing what you are getting into when considering buying or renting a home is important. It is perhaps the best way to ensure a happy long term investment. While most things are disclosed in the initial documentation there are sometimes discrepancies. works to dig up this hidden data. This makes it easier than ever before to access everything you could ever want to know about your new space. Let’s compare to one of its leading competitors, NeighborWho.

A Common Goal

Both and NeighborWho are working to make hidden data available. They do this by doing the hard work for you. You no longer have to dig through court records to get the information you need!

Despite going about this in differing ways, they do share a common goal. Their efforts to provide a view of the past of a home and what to expect living within the area where the home is located.

That being said, the ways both sites find and report this data varies greatly. This sets them dramatically apart from a quality and detail orientation standpoint. Let’s get more into the specific features and details.

Included Information Variances

Information Variances

You will notice some dramatic differences when looking at a report from each company. It appears, at first glance, that NeighborWho is giving a more detailed report. A closer look at content quality indicates this may not be true.


NeighborWho provides a well-rounded report with a lot of valuable information. This can, of course, be very beneficial. For example, there is a sex offender registry listing included at the end of the report. This gives you an idea of the potential risk factor of living in that given area.

They also include email and social media information, as well. This is something that can prove valuable records. Things like tenant information and long term residential data is included. It allows you to know who is staying near you, giving you a little more comfort and ease.

Additionally, there is the ability to watch up to ten different locations. This allows you to see real time residency changes. For those looking to monitor drastic changes, this is very valuable. Homebuyers especially benefit from this service.

While the above is not available at, there is a reason for this lack of information. The inclusion of social media data increases the chances of misinformation being included. The same goes for sex offender registry data. Both of these sources are not updated often and often offer incorrect information. (as well as most other data provider services) strives to provide accurate data to users. Updated residency data and additional valuable information is provided within a select pool that maintains. Because of the “pooled” choice of data, both maintenance and updates are continually being done to protect the “fresh” integrity of information.

Verdict like all other data provider services obtains property data from public records. They are selective and careful about the information they display. This provides you with information that is as accurate as possible. It also ensures you get the right information, every time you need it.

Site Functionality

Site Functionality

Site functionality is especially important when it comes to user experience. This is especially true when making a long-term investment in choosing a platform.


NeighborWho does have a slight lag with loading times. This is partially likely due to the volume of data brought up. The included secondary searches make load times longer than those at This is something that can be frustrating for potential users. There are fewer functional dashboard tools and button options on the NeighborWho site. offers more options and allows you to manage your content options. This lets you tweak the content you are viewing. This helps you to easily get exactly what you need with your customized searches.’s scroll bar is noticeably faster. This makes the experience at much smoother and luxe feel. For most people, this is often what you want when taking on a product that you pay for monthly.


This information can be broken down as:

  • Both and NeighborWho have attractive sites and display product features well.
  • The coding is well done and the entire finished product is very appealing. This creates an end result that is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Both also have very easy to navigate interfaces.

Still, both companies are viable and have favorable features. This makes for a high-quality user experience. does weigh in better due to the site maintenance level. The presentation of the data is a plus, as well. This is in part due to the helpful extra filtering options. This slight edging out is primarily caused by the site overall functionally, too. The lack of lag makes a massive difference in the overall usability of the site, too. All in all, the process is much smoother.


PropertyScout Pricing

The importance behind the amount you pay for a service is a very sensitive area. It has to be valued in this important decision. Generally, the money you put into a product will give you an image of what you can expect to get out of it. That being said, sometimes you can get a real steal on the pricing. This is especially true if you join during a pricing promotion or other unique event. Let’s compare the pricing of and NeighborWho.


With NeighborWho, both packages include the same things, just with different time spans. For one month, you will pay $26.89. This includes unlimited background reports, contact information, phone lookups, and email lookups. (Christian: this information is on NeighborWho’s website:
Your Membership Benefits Include

  • Unlimited Background reports
  • Unlimited Contact information
  • Unlimited Phone lookups
  • Unlimited Email lookups
  • Unlimited Address lookups
  • Faster Searching in seconds
  • Four Ways to search & discover

You get these same features if you do the three-month option. The difference is that it costs $52.44 for the three-month total, paid upfront. This breaks down to $17.48 per month. This is a good deal if you like the interface. This can be a bit of a gamble due to the inaccuracies and functionality issues, though.

When you break down the pricing for both, you will find that the value of is better as a whole. This is true on both the three day and monthly passes. Let’s break down each option from both companies fully to help you understand why this is true.

With, you are missing out on a few features that NeighborWho offers. This includes the sex offender registry listing and some additional social media data.

However, you are getting up to date, factual information that is up to date and easy to understand. With, you do not have unlimited searches. You do get access to high-quality features like owner names and current/past residents. You also gain access to information including previous owners. This paired with tax information and last sale data provides a good picture of the property.

If you go with the $59.95 Pro Pass that is a month-long membership, you get access to a lot more features. This includes deed, mortgage, and property details. This is in addition to current resident data and everything included with the three day pass.

This also includes the high-level property details. Think of this as things like the year built, house size, room amount, and lot size. There is also an additional weekly real estate newsletter included, too! This offers insight into the current market, as well as tips and tricks to help you out.

This higher-end monthly option is perfect for professionals. It works perfectly for those in the industrial side of the real estate industry. This includes jobs like mortgage brokers, lenders, and researchers. As a more inclusive delivery system, you get a lot more information. The typical homebuyer or researcher does not need this extra data most of the time. This gives you the ability to customize the amount you pay to what you need. Through this, you are saving money by not paying for features you do not want or need.


On the surface, it appears that NeighborWho is cheaper. That does not, however, indicate a better value overall. This is especially true considering the option to pay just $9.95 for a three-day pass on

With this pass, you have all of the access you need. If you are an individual looking to purchase a home, this is a great option. It is also good for those looking to settle an estate or otherwise research a property, too. In cases like these, you do not need a full monthly pass. The extensive, all-encompassing search is simply not necessary most of the time.

Privacy and Satisfaction

Propertyscout Privacy and Satisfaction

More than ever, people are concerned about their privacy on the internet. Don’t underestimate the value of working with a business that cares about your data and treats it fairly! It is important to work with a business that is totally committed to your satisfaction.


With NeighborWho, all information and searches will be kept confidential. This is how they go about protecting your identity. You can be confident your information is protected while researching properties and homes.

Neighborwho has a satisfaction guarantee in place. This is designed to make sure that customers are satisfied with their purchase. This includes the information gained. has confidentiality notes in place as well. This works to ensure that all information and searches are confidential. This allows you to use the service privately and comfortably. is serious about keeping their customers happy! They offer a similar comprehensive satisfaction guarantee, too!


Both businesses have satisfaction guarantees. They both want to ensure you are happy with the services that they provide. This includes the information you gained. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, both will make an effort to make it right.

They both have excellent customer service. Both companies work hard to ensure your happiness. This is done through offering the option to give extensive feedback. You can easily provide information on your personal experience with the product. The team then uses this information to improve the process for other clients.

Both sites also provide lists of what you can and cannot do with the information that you find. This assists you in understanding what is within your legal right. It also prevents issues for both you and the company, making the process safer and easier.

This can help prevent disappointment in what can be done with the information. It also increases the clarity of what the services can provide. This dispels any questions or inaccuracies around the legality of searching. It is also valuable in helping clients understand what data is admissible in court. This understanding helps clients know how data can be used.

This section is a complete tie!

Final Verdict

Both services are viable and serve a purpose. However, it seems that has a more user-friendly interface. It is generally a smoother, more streamlined experience. Many note the shorter loading and wait times and a more easily navigated pricing system. With this, you can get the exact assistance you need and work to get the exact access to data and records you need. provides a trustworthy site. It offers user-centric products to search for both individual and business property data. You can figure out exactly what you need to with no roadblocks or impediments. This allows you to get the answers you need faster than ever. As a brand that cares, is here to assist you in accessing property records. They guarantee their efforts to the highest of their abilities.

If you want to learn more about, consider the three-day pass. It is a great starting point to explore the product! Try a search and compare the features yourself!