Unlocking Solar Energy Potential: The Power of Real Estate Data

Real estate data can be of great value to solar energy companies.
It allows you to identify ideal properties for solar energy production and installation. By understanding the geography, value, ownership, age and features of individual properties, solar energy companies can determine the viability of a potential site and make informed decisions on where to pursue projects. It can provide information about the characteristics of the properties that are most likely to benefit from solar energy, such as roof size and orientation, enabling them to maximize their return on investment. Additionally, understanding regional market trends can help solar energy companies develop strategies for predicting and managing the costs associated with individual projects.

Real estate data also offers operational benefits.
Specifically, improved understanding of local markets allows solar companies to make more informed decisions and gain a better understanding of their target market. Property data can greatly improve targeting of prospective customers allowing solar companies to focus their efforts on the customers that fit their criteria. When sales teams and business development teams have this data readily available, it can reduce their cost per acquisition and maximize their ROI. It also increases efficiency in operations and reduces risk in investment decisions. Overall, the use of real estate data allows solar companies to reduce costs and increase profits.

Property data is available from a number of sources including:

  • County assessors
  • Title companies
  • Multiple Listing Services (MLS)
  • Online real estate websites 
  • Property tax records 
  • Local government websites 
  • Mortgage lenders and brokers 
  • Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) 
  • Public records databases 

Finding data in some of those sources is very time-consuming. That’s why we created PropertyScout.io. It’s a one stop place where you can look up by address or parcel number. It puts all the property data for that address at your fingertips. And you can quickly download reports and images of deeds and mortgages to attach to your records.

Solar companies face a variety of challenges when utilizing real estate data. Obtaining accurate and up-to-date data can be difficult, as this data can often be incomplete or outdated. Additionally, integrating data from multiple sources and formats can be time consuming and difficult. Lastly, utilizing the data to create useful insights can be a challenge, as the data must be interpreted and analyzed to be meaningful.

PropertyScout.io offers the most accurate and up-to-date information. It can save you time by having all the data in one place. It saves some of our customers that were using title companies a lot of money! Some solar companies get their real estate data from title companies and pay $2,000 per record. If you don’t need that level of in-depth, certified data then PropertyScout.io can save you thousands of dollars per record. 

Some of our customers use our API to integrate our data directly into their system to make operations such as customer prospecting, property reviews and financial analysis much more efficient.