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Verify ownership

Streamline your process by identifying if the owner of the property is residing there. Includes quick ability to research residents by name.

Verify ownership

View structure images & roof orientation

Instant access to structure images and roof orientation make it easy to assess feasibility and suitability for installing solar panels on the property. Our solar customers use our API and import these images directly into their design software.

View structure images & roof orientation

Find The Owner Of A Property

Check property information

Easily check the financial aspects of a property in terms of mortgages and liens. You can also confirm the Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN), property legal description, lot size, foundation type, construction framework, livable square footage, room count, and roof construction. There are more than 150 fields of possible information.

Easy Download

Save time and money! You can download property records with one click. Ask about our API if you have many property addresses to check. Our customers have integrated the API into their sales tools.

Track Search History

We store your search history for 30 days, allowing you to easily revisit previously researched properties with just a single click.

Save Favorites

You can save records so that you can easily return to the record. Track a shortlist of records.

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Technology Is Our Added Advantage

We believe service professionals who embrace technology & use it to their

advantage will thrive in the new economy. Those who don't will be left behind.

The Right Autocomplete = Start a Quality Search

Avoid the frustrating steps of finding the property you want by searching by address on our site. It’s better than many sites because we autocomplete your search using the United States Postal Service (USPS) database. That means you start your search the same way the town or county recorded the property. One major search engine looks like they autocomplete the search but it’s really their interpretation of the address based on data they’ve gathered instead of relying on the USPS’ system.

Unit Level Search Means Accuracy

15-20% of Americans live in condos or apartments. You might miss out if you use the wrong software. Our search prompts you to choose the unit number you want instead of hitting a dead end if the property is not a single-family unit.

Confirm Ownership

Need to be 100% sure who owns a property? We list all current property owners and if they are an individual, company, or trust. You can also see recent property owners in case there was a recent change of ownership. Our databases are updated at least monthly so you can depend on having the latest information.

Quickly Search By Address

Need to look up an address quickly? Don’t have time to figure out what county the property is in only to learn that property records are kept at the town level? Is the address you have incomplete or an informal address (not recognized by the town or USPS)? Are you able to search units such as condominiums in multi-family buildings or can you only get random detail for one unit at the address you want?

Search By Owner

Want to see what other properties the owner is associated with? Use our Search by Owner to find out more about the person or business behind the property, including related people, other properties owned, and related properties.

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