3 Point Strategy to Transform Your Claims Investigation Team with Real-Time Data

How Claims Departments are Scaling Property Investigations During Cat Season, Avoiding Bad Faith, and Saving Money

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When we talk with our customers in the property insurance industry, it’s amazing how manual things still are.

There’s still a back and forth with vendors, repeated internal conversations, and files being reopened. There’s a ton of busy work that doesn’t close cases.

It seems what holds managers back is they get so deep in the daily demands and company initiatives that it’s hard to rise above operational activities and clearly see where groups can improve. Sometimes it’s hard to think straight.

Team process improvement meetings get limited results. Teams are so involved in moving documentation they just keep thinking of minor adjustments when what was wanted were ways to transform the business.

So we started helping our customers with how online property data solutions helped them get more done with less effort. With a click of a button, they cut down on waiting times from vendors, processed more with the same amount of staff, and were able to respond even faster to their internal and external customers.

PropertyScout.io is an online software systems that joins property and consumer data to get answers quickly.Many companies, maybe even your competitors, already use some sort of online information system. Workloads only increase while staff levels stay the same or get reduced; we’re asked to do more with the same budget.Have you ever wondered how you could start to bring about digital change in your department?Download our FREE 3 Point Strategy now. It includes:

  • Three industry trends that will affect you for the rest of your career
  • Three ways insurance fraud detection is rapidly changing from manual to digital
  • How claims departments are reducing cycle times from days to minutes

The approach in this guide has saved tens of thousands of dollars, avoided bad faith, and reduced complaints from long waits.

Caleb Page, CEO, PropertyScout.io

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