Greene County, Illinois: Property and Tax Records Search By Address

For many of us who rely on public records relating to properties, getting the correct information through reliable sources requires a sleuth’s expertise! As investors, insurers, and lenders, the data in these public records are vital to performing our jobs effectively. Counties across our nation have individual uniqueness in how someone like ourselves gains access to property records. In some counties, the tax assessor is responsible for managing these records. In other counties, a county clerk may handle them. Additionally, there are counties where you have to peel away websites and links to find out the state handles public records. Lastly, some counties have a ghostly existence online that lack a website, portal, or person to contact.Property data is only a click away; no digging and hunting required! Try a quick search on NOW!

A Synopsis Of Greene County

Greene County is a very small area that quietly hugs the Illinois River just north of St. Louis and southwest of Springfield. The county functions under township governing with a total of 13 townships. The largest towns in the county include Carrollton and White Hall. Smaller villages and towns make up the remainder of Greene County.

Townships In Greene County

  • Athensville
  • Bluffdale
  • Carrollton
  • Kane
  • Linder
  • Patterson
  • Rockbridge
  • Roodhouse
  • Rubicon
  • Walkerville
  • White Hall
  • Woodville
  • Wrights

Greene County is an emerald gem of simple country-like living. Here you can truly enjoy a peaceful, simple way of living that’s ideal for raising children. The fast-paced lifestyle of big cities is foreign here as well as crowded public gatherings. Residents in Greene County savor life’s moments with tea and great conversation on a front porch or pleasant leisure drive through the countryside. We are now living in times where remote workers are looking for options to get away from city crowding, where it’s safer to work, live, and play. High-rise apartment buildings are being traded for charming Victorian homes and farmhouses in more peaceful, quiet communities.

Greene County Property Tax Search (Tax Rates)

Property taxes in Greene County are relatively low. Tax rates vary according to each township within the county. However, the average monthly median tax is about $1,277. Greene County property tax search is not available online. Because the county government infrastructure doesn’t have the technology to post a comprehensive list of tax rates, you will need to contact each township to obtain it. The Greene County property appraiser in the townships is not the source to go to. You will need to reach out to the recorder.

Property Investment Opportunities

Property Investment Opportunities Greene County

Although the remote rural ambiance of Greene County may be unappealing for some, others see opportunities for a narrower target audience, such as remote workers and those seeking a safe place to raise a family. The small-town environment is something that presents itself as an attribute in marketing towards various niche-oriented prospective residents. Believe it or not, there is a market out there that would devour an opportunity to reside in a place like Greene County!

  • Young couples who are interested in homesteading/farming.
  • Young families with small children.
  • Remote workers who are seeking something outside of the city.
  • Vineyard opportunities because of the lush farmland.
  • Bed and breakfast inn.
  • Herbalist farmers/crafters who grow and create products such as essential oils, candles, etc.

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Owning or Renting Property in Greene County

Residents in Greene County don’t own grand mansions or luxury condos. Here you’ll find communities that are anchored with traditional ranch or two-story homes in different styles. The majority of those living in the county are proud homeowners. A total of 6,425 homes are sprawled throughout the county. 79.1% of these homes are owned, and the remaining are rentals.

Quick Facts About Greene County

  • Covers 543.02 square miles
  • 25 people per square mile
  • 12 houses per square mile
  • 600 farms that cover 78% of the county (corn, soybeans, wheat, hogs, cattle)
  • Government: townships
  • County seat: Carrollton
  • Population 12,969
  • Hospitals: 1
  • School Districts
  • Carrollton
  • K-8: 488 students
  • High school: 234 students
  • Greenfield
  • K-8: 376 students
  • High school: 146
  • North Greene
  • 2 Elementary schools: 555 students
  • 1 Junior high: 144 students
  • 1 High school: 356 students
  • Public Services
  • 1 Sheriff’s department
  • 6 Fire stations
  • 1 Hospital
  • GDP Greene County
  • 2012: $246,604
  • 2015: $198,632

Property Climate in Greene County

The housing market varies in each township. However, in the two larger towns within the county, the past year’s data is positive. The affordable prices in the county make the area ideal for first-time home buyers!


  • Median listing: $129,900
  • Median sale: $97,000
  • Price per square feet: $66
  • Past year result: Increase of 11.7%

White Hall

  • Median listing: $76,000
  • Median sale: $72,000
  • Price per square feet: $45
  • Past year result: no change

Property Climate in Greene County

Property Stats for Greene County

Greene County has 6,425 housing units, which averages 12 houses per square mile. There are more owned homes than rentals.Rentals: 1,047 (21%) with a median monthly rental of $591Owned: 3,958 (79.1%) with a median monthly mortgage of $947

Types Of Housing

  • Single detached: 82%
  • Duplex: 3%
  • Apartment: 5%
  • Mobile/Manufactured home: 10%

Percentage Of Homes Owned In Specific Price Ranges

  • $<50,000: 29%
  • $50,000-$100,000: 36%
  • $100,000-$200,000: 25%
  • $200,000-$300,000: 7%
  • $300,000-$400,000: 2%
  • $400,000-$500,000: 1%

Percentage of Monthly Rental Rates Renters Are Paying

  • $<300: 14%
  • $300-$500: 15%
  • $500-$750: 37%
  • $750-$1,000: 14%
  • $1,000-$1,500: 7%

Property Stats for Greene County

Mortgage Stress in Greene County

There are 47% of homeowners with a mortgage in Greene County, of which 8% have a second mortgage or home equity line of credit. The remaining 53% of homeowners in the county are mortgage-free!

Property Insurance and Risks in Greene County

Tornado Alley has shifted eastwards and now covers Illinois. Greene County not only contends with tornadoes but a host of other natural disasters.Over the last ten years, the county experienced 66 natural disasters.

  • Tornadoes: 5
  • Winter-related events: 20
  • Extreme heat events: 19
  • Flooding: 9
  • Drought: 1
  • Earthquake: 1

In May 1995, the county dealt with flooding that caused significant damage. Property damage totals were up around $15 million and crop loss near $12 million.

Public Access To Greene County Real Estate Records

Greene County, real estate records are available to the public. But, the process of trying to find the source that maintains those records is about as easy as threading a needle with your eyes closed!Using a process of elimination, we began with a generic online search for “Greene County, Illinois government.” Now, most of us would start with the Tax Assessor’s web page. The confusion mounted the more we dug and searched for a website or page for the county.Our beginning efforts to find something on Greene County property lookup was not yielding much luck!

Searching For A Greene County Property Lookup

Searching For A Greene County Property Lookup

Our online search for “Greene County, IL” failed to pull up a dedicated government website. In cases like this, we proceed to the state government’s websites because when there’s no county site, you can usually find it under the state. The “Illinois Secretary of State” website is the state-run online resource. Oddly it’s named “” Typing in a search for “Greene County” on the “” landing page opens a page listing the Greene County Courthouse, address, and phone numbers. That was nothing more than a static page lacking links to the Greene County Courthouse. We notice a menu bar towards the top of the page with “Local Government Records Database.” We click and are taken to another page.A page opens up for “IRAD – Illinois Registry Archives Depository.” It lists the various depositories that house public records. Towards the bottom is a “search” button that we click on. Another page opens to “Local Government Holdings.” To go further, you must enter the county name, a title, AND the depository that maintains Greene County records. A new tab is opened to perform an independent online search for the assigned depository for Greene. Once we have our answer, we go back to the website.We enter “Greene County,” and that’s it because we don’t know what to put in for “title.” Another page opens to a secondary “Local Government Holdings.” A list containing “titles, begin date (1800s), and end date” appear. Unfruitful results take us back to the Illinois Secretary of State homepage. We then type in a search for “County Assessor,” “Clerk,” and also “Recorder.” A page for the county clerk/recorder comes up. However, it too is a static page with the Greene County Courthouse, address, phone number, and a Hotmail address for the recorder. Hotmail is extremely outdated and not generally used for professional/governmental contacts. The online effort ends there after 2 hours and 21 minutes of digging.Are you ready to get Greene County public records FAST without digging? Try a search on now!

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