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Many of us in the lending, investing, and insurance industries depend on various online resources when doing a property profile search. Property records that are maintained by county governments are typically the first place we begin a search. However, the fact still remains that county websites have many obstacles that we must overcome when doing a search, and once we are past those obstacles, we hit a dead-end, unable to go any further. Why does this happen? It’s rare to find a county website that has direct portals to public records/property records. At best, we may be able to locate a third-party platform integration that provides some insight, but that too is a rare occurrence. So, where do you go for a Duplin County property lookup? We are going to show you how to do it!Try a search HERE for Duplin County property records by name.

A Synopsis of Duplin County

Duplin County is best known for its agricultural, poultry farming, pig farming, and one of the world’s largest frying pan! It spans 826 square miles and is situated almost in the middle of Jacksonville, Fayetteville, and Wilmington. The Atlantic Ocean is about an hour’s drive away. The county offers a quiet getaway for those in the cities and a peaceful place for residents to call home.The town of Mount Olive is where you’ll find one of six U.S. Butterball turkey processing plants. This plant is over 665,000 square feet and employs nearly 1,000 people. Along with Butterball, Mount Olive is also home to Mt. Olive Pickles that fill the shelves of stores throughout the country. Residents enjoy the local wineries, an old-fashioned county fair, various general stores, and flea markets that are charming and unique. Recreational venues bring in visitors who seek a quiet escape to camp, fish, swim, or hunt. The cost of living in Duplin County is relatively cheap, which attracts prospective residents who are wanting a friendly community to raise a family in. Housing prices are affordably priced throughout the county (median home price $92,000.) Property taxes are equally affordable, with a median property tax rate of .7350 ($676.20/year.) Investment opportunities in this area are somewhat limited to land acquirement for commercial or agricultural lease/purchase. The demographic growth of the county increased by 0.8% over the past nine years, while the economic growth (GDP) has steadily dropped 2.39% over the past three years. Owner occupancy in the county is high (83%), leaving what’s perhaps seasonal (vacant) properties at 17%.

A Synopsis of Duplin County

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The Scope of Duplin County

Scope of King County

Duplin County has 13 townships. Additionally, there are 10 incorporated towns within the county. The county consists mostly of rural countryside that is agricultural land. To provide you with a perspective on the sparse population in Duplin County, we will compare it to a larger county in North Carolina.

  • Duplin County
  • Population: 58,967
  • # of people per square mile: 72
  • Fayetteville County
  • Population: 319,431
  • # of people per square mile: 1,424


  • Albertson
  • Cypress Creek
  • Faison
  • Glisson
  • Limestone
  • Kenansville
  • Island Creek
  • Magnolia
  • Rockfish
  • Rose Hill
  • Smith
  • Warsaw
  • Wolfscrape


  • Beulaville
  • Calypso
  • Faison
  • Greenevers
  • Kenansville (county seat)
  • Magnolia
  • Rose Hill
  • Teachey
  • Wallace
  • Warsaw

Owning or Renting Property in Duplin County

Owning or Renting Property in King County

There are 25,958 housing units (31.8 homes per square mile) in the county. 70.4% of these units are owned, whereas 29.6% are rentals.

Owned vs. Rental

  • # of Units Owned: 15,160
  • # of Units Rented: 6,360

Owned vs. Rental

  • Owner occupied: 83%
  • Vacant: 17%

2nd Mortgages And HELOCs

42% of homeowners in Duplin County have a median monthly mortgage of $1,108. Additionally, a very small percentage have either a second mortgage or home equity line of credit (HELOC.)

  • 2nd Mortgage: 1%
  • HELOC: 4%
  • No Mortgage: 58%

Owning or Renting Property in Duplin County

Housing Market In Duplin County

The median home value in the county is $90,200. Over the past year, there has been a decrease (10.2%) in home sales.

  • Median Listing Price: $120,000 ($91/square foot)
  • Median Sales Price: $155,000
  • 2020: $155,000
  • 2019: $159,000
  • Market Increase/Decrease: -10.2%

Home Valuations

  • $50,000-$100,000: 32%
  • $100,000-$200,000: 30%
  • <$50,000: 23%
  • $200,000-$300,000: 7%
  • $300,000-$400,000: 4%
  • $500,000-$750,000: 3%
  • $400,000-$500,000: 1%

Median Monthly Rental Rates

  • $500-$700: 33%
  • $750-$1,000: 19%
  • $300-$500: 13%
  • <$300: 11%
  • $1,000-$1,500: 10%
  • $1,500-$2,000: 1%

Property Taxes

Property taxes are assessed every five years. The Duplin County property appraiser will do the next valuation in 2022.

Median Property Taxes

The median amount for property taxes in the county is $738.

Property Tax Rate

The tax rate for Duplin County is .7350

Property Tax Valuations

The property tax rate has slowly increased over the past 5 few years.

  • 2019: .7350
  • 2018: .7350
  • 2017: .7150
  • 2016: .6950
  • 2015: .7300

Property Insurance and Risks in Duplin County

Duplin County is currently collaborating with the county of Sampson in developing a dual-county hazard impact and mitigation plan. These plans contain valuable insight into natural disasters that have occurred. What we do know is hurricanes pose a severe threat to Duplin County, which is evident in past events. Because hurricanes are a significant risk for the county, 17 homes/properties were purchased through a $1.8 million grant by FEMA and the state of North Carolina. These properties are in an area of repetitive flooding damage. They were cleared to minimize continual risk costs, to act as a barrier by absorbing floodwaters, and to reduce erosion.

Notable Events in Duplin County

2020: Tropical Storm Ernesto flooding had an impact on the county.2018: Hurricane Florence

  • 8 deaths

2017: Hurricane Matthew caused damages totaling $292,271

  • Percentage of Claims:
  • 32% other towns
  • 31% Kenansville
  • 21% Warsaw
  • 16% Rose Hill

About Duplin County

Owning or Renting Property in King County

  • Covers 826 square miles
  • Incorporated in 1750
  • Population 58,967
  • Hospitals: 1
  • Schools
  • Nearing 10,000 students
  • PreK-Middle: 8 schools
  • High School: 5
  • Private: 5
  • Colleges/Universities: 1
  • Public Protection
  • Sheriff’s Department: 1
  • Fire Districts: 8 (24 volunteer departments) Economy in Duplin County

Largest Employers

Duplin County proudly ranks as the #1 producer of pigs for the U.S., bringing in over $614 million in revenue!The largest sector of employers is in pig farming, turkey farming, and turkey/poultry processing. Butterball and Smithfield Foods (owned by Butterball) are the largest employers in the county. Following behind the poultry industry, other employment sectors include manufacturing, county government, schools, and the county hospital.


2018: $1,990,9502017: $2,021,0782016: $2,039,389

Maneuvering Our Way Through A Duplin County Property Lookup On The County Website

We know and understand the frustration behind weaving your way through the fibers of county websites. To provide you with a glimpse into what a typical property records search entails on a county website, we take you into the Duplin County website.

Search Attempt #1

  • Before us is the county’s website landing page, we type in a general search in the search bar for “public records.”
  • A new page opens to “County Jobs…Public Health Nurse.”
  • We hit the back button and go back to the landing page where we go to “Departments” and select “County Manager.”
  • A new page opens to a bio/background on the county manager; this page is static.
  • We go back to the landing page and go back into “Departments.”
  • Next, we select “Register of Deeds.”
  • A new page opens, which has a link to the Register of Deeds website page. We click on that link, and another new page opens. There are various links to go into that include vital records, real property records, history, and more. Nothing here, so we return to the landing page.
  • Again, we go back into “Departments” and select “Tax Administration.”
  • A new page opens containing a link to land records, which we click on.
  • Another new page opens, bearing a disclaimer to proceed to “GIS.”
  • We click “Ok,” and a new page opens to a third-party search platform that requires the owner’s name, PIN, and address.
  • We go back to the landing page and type in another general search in the search bar for “Duplin County real estate records.”
  • A new page opens bearing two links; one to “Register of Deeds Vital Records” and the other to “Tax Administration: paying taxes online, link to GIS.”
  • We return to the landing page, go into “Services,” and select “Register of Deeds: Public Records Search.”
  • A new page opens to the “Register of Deeds” page we have visited numerous times already.

We surrender after about an hour of wasted time. We found ourselves running in a vicious circle trying to find a portal to property records.Avoid finding yourself going in circles on a county website. Try doing a search that goes straight to Duplin County real estate records HERE!

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Source for county statistics: www.towncharts.com