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Why Do I Have to Pay to Access Public Records?

Many people believe public records databases like’s consist solely of information that’s already available elsewhere online for free. They may use some of the better-known real estate sites or search county/town records. There are a few reasons sites like ours charge:

1. picks up where the free sites stop. That means that beyond including what some sites offer for “free”, incorporates information from other sources such as images, how to connect with property owners, mortgage history on a property, and more. requires constant upkeep on servers and data collection. These fees help ensure you’re getting the latest and most up-to-date property information available, beyond what’s offer for “free”.

2. saves search time by putting everything in one place for easy reference. No longer do you have to figure out what county a town is in, if you are dealing with the “official” site, or drilling down to the clerk level to find records are handled by the assessor or land records.

3. Lastly, remember if you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product. That’s why the major real estate sites offer their apps for free. Their revenue model is to have you contact one of their real estate agents or vendors who pay a lot of money to have you as a lead. Many people are comfortable with this. It should be a consideration if privacy is important to you.

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