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How to see Ownership History

How to see Property History Ownership

What Is Chain of Title? Chain of title is frequently defined as the series of historical transfers of property title from the current owner back to the original owner. This concept also extends to vacant land. In essence, the chain of title narrates the ownership history of a property, detailing its construction, initial ownership, subsequent purchasers, and the owners in each transaction up to the present day.

A continuous, unbroken ownership record is essential for a valid chain of title. While documents such as deeds or titles may confirm current ownership, the chain of title gains significance if there are challenges to your property rights.

What Documents Are Associated With a Chain of Title? Several documents are integral to a real estate chain of title. A deed serves as the written instrument for transferring ownership or interest in a property. Property title represents a collection of rights in a property, encompassing both legal and equitable interests. The term “bundle of rights” refers to the legal privileges granted to a real estate buyer, outlining what they can and cannot do as property owners.

These documents collectively constitute the chain of title. For instance, an error in the deed’s recording could lead to significant issues in the chain of title. In most cases, a person with a properly recorded deed holds a stronger claim to the property compared to someone asserting ownership without proper documentation.

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  2. Search by “Address or Assesor’s Parcel Number”
  3. Click on “Enhanced Docs, Reports & Images Downloads“.
  4. Choose “Rapid Insights Report”
  5. Click the “Download” and follow steps.
  6. The report should download straight into your device for you to save.
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