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Pay-As-You-Go Purchase Options

Pay-As-You-Go Purchase Options

In-App Pay-As-You-Go Purchase Options offers In-App Pay-As-You-Go Purchase Options for those Premium Users with higher report download needs.

We help professionals such as, mortgage brokers, lenders, and insurers to find accurate real estate data for over 3,200 municipalities across the U.S. Owner lookups, preliminary title searches, deed images, automated valuation models, resident history and more.

With you have the flexibility of searching thousands of records nationwide in one single application. If you need to do a more thorough investigation or your due diligence on a specific property, you can pick and choose what reports and documents to download and only pay for those additional enhancement documents you need.

Real Estate Investors and Investigators also use our platform  to search real estate data across the US. Find out who owns the property, owner’s contact information, owner’s residents’ names. Who is the grantor and grantee, written mortgages, tax info, open liens and much more!

Do you need to know who owns a piece of land?
Do you need to find the Legal Description on a property?
Or download the Deed Image to find out the Owner’s names of the most recent transaction?
Calculate Mortgage owed on a property by finding out the sale amount and date.
Need to find out the liens on a property?

With Credit Package Plans, you can purchase credit downloads depending on your volume needs. There are no contracts, and you can cancel anytime. One login, one portal all the data in seconds! Try us out! Features

  1. No Software download required
  2. No signed agreements
  3. Affordable
  4. Monthly and Annual subscription
  5. Cancel anytime
  6. Customer Assistance
  7. Pay-As-You-Go in app credit purchase packages
  8. Custom reporting
  9. API Integration and White label Options for businesses
  10. Quick online records search and access to property data and homeowner’s information including land records, most recent deed, lien lookup, mortgage details.

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