Property Records Tab

Property Ownership

Owner(s) Names: The full name of the primary buyer.

Ownership Type:

Code Description
CO Company
ID Individual
Np Not Provided (Name Blurred or Missing From Document)
TT Trust


Property Details

FIPS Code: The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) code (FIPS 6-4) uniquely identifies counties and county equivalents in the United States.

APN: Assessor’s Parcel Number

Lot Size (Acres)

Lot Size (Sq. Ft.)

Year Built

Living Area (Sq. Ft.)



Last Sale


Sale Price

Recorded Mortgage

Tax Information

Year Assessed

Assessed Value

Tax Amount

Local Zoning Code: The zoning code used in the local jurisdiction. Consult the jurisdiction offices for code definitions.

Estimated Property Value

Estimated Value

Estimated Min Value

Estimated Max Value

Valuation Date

Confidence Score: A calculated score indicating the level of confidence in the estimated values.

Deed Tab

Document Information

Deed Type

Code Deed Type
DEAD Affidavit of Death
DTAD Administrators Deed
DTAF Affidavit
DTAG Agreement of Sale
DTAH Assessor Sales History
DTAR Assignment of Agreement of Sale
DTAS Assignment of Deed
DTAT Affidavit of Trust or Trust Aggrement
DTCD Condominium Deed
DTCH Cash Sale Deed
DTCL Commercial Lease
DTCN Cancellation of Agreement of Sale
DTCO Conservators Deed
DTCP Corporation Deed
DTCS Contract Sale
DTCT Certificate of Transfer
DTDB Deed Of Distribution
DTDC Declaration
DTDD Transfer on Death Deed
DTDG Deed of Guardian
DTDL Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
DTDT Affidavit of Death
DTFD Fiduciary Deed
DTGD Grant Deed
DTGF Gift Deed
DTID Individual Deed
DTIT Intrafamily Transfer and Dissolution
DTJT Joint Tenancy Deed
DTLA Legal Action/Court Order
DTLC Leasehold Conv. With Agreem. Of Sale (Fee Purchase)
DTLD Land Contract
DTLE Lease
DTLH Assignment of Lease (Leasehold Sale)
DTLS Leasehold Conv. w/An Agreement Of Sale
DTLT Land Court
DTLW Limited Warranty Deed
DTMD Special Master Deed
DTQC Quit Claim Deed
DTST Affidavit Death of Trustee/Successor Trustee
DTSV Survivorship Deed
DTSW Special Warranty Deed
DTTD Trustees Deed
DTVL Venders Lien
DTWD Warranty Deed


Instrument: If the document is indexed by a recorder’s reference number, this will contain that number. Usually the year will not be added to this field unless there is a regional requirement.

Book: The document number book. This can contain either the recorder document book or the legal description book.

Page: The document number page. This can contain either the recorder document page or the legal description page.

Instrument Date: This pre-dates the Recording Date and may be the notary date.

Recording Date: This is normally located on the document.

Transaction Information

Transaction Type

Foreclosure Sale: Specifies if the transaction was due to a foreclosure auction.

Code Description
0 Transaction Was Not the Result of a Foreclosure Auction
1 Transaction Was the Result of a Foreclosure Auction


Quit Claim Deed: Specifies if the transaction is a Quit claim.

Arms Length Transaction: Specifies the transfer was between two unrelated parties.

Transfer Amount

Transfer Tax Total

Primary/Secondary Grantor/Grantee

Full Name

Class Type

Code Description
IND Individual
NON Non-Individual


Legal Type

Code Description
ID Individual(s)
MM Married Man As His Sole And Separate Property
MW Married Women As Her Sole And Separate Property
UM Unmarried Man
UW Unmarried Woman


Title Company Info

Standardized Code: The standard code identifying the title company.

Standardized Name

Raw Title Company: The entered name of the title company. This is not standardized.

Mortgages Tab

Transfer Type Code

Code Description
Blank Unknown or Not Provided
0 Unknown
10 Construction Sale
20 Transfer to Lender
30 Mortgage
40 Transfer
50 Subdivision Related Transfer
60 Timeshare Transfer

Mortgage X Details

Mortgage Amount

2nd Mortgage Amount

Est. Down Payment

Est. Loan to Value

Recorded Date

Interest Rate

Interest Type

Interest Only



2nd Mortgage Lender

Is Lender Seller?