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What is the Legal Description of a property?

Legal Description of PropertyWhat is a Legal Description? A legal description is a method for describing a parcel of real estate property that is recognized by law. This method identifies the plat, block, lot number, land features, and/or parallels and meridians, and total acreage. The best place to find a legal description is usually the most recent deed to the property.

At times, the legal description is attached as an exhibit to the deed. If this is the situation, the body of the deed will reference the attached legal description. For example, the body of the deed may refer to the property as “… the property described on Exhibit ‘A’ attached hereto.”

Exhibit “A” will be attached to the deed and contain the legal description.

In some Estates, the Legal Description of a property is required if you need to file for a Homestead Declaration.

At you can download a copy of the most recent deed. Find the steps here

See sample of Legal Description or Exhibit “A” of a deed below

Property Legal Description