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What are Enhanced Documents?

What are Enhanced Documents? 

Enhanced Documents are offered as additional pieces of information that you can use if you need a more through research on any specific property.
You can pick and choose which additional document(s) you’d like to download to add to your Property Report.
Depending on what  Purchase Plan you choose, the plan will include free credit download to access Enhanced Documents. Your credit balance is always displayed on the top right of your screen, once you are logged into the portal.

Enhanced Documents available for download

Rapid Insights Report : This Report  contains  a compilation of the first six tabs on the left column: Property Records, Parcel Maps & Photos, Structure Details, Deed Info, Mortgage History & Residents. …………….0 Credits Needed to Download Document.
Preliminary Title : This Report is the Rapid Insights Report + Open Liens. Find out if there are any open liens against this property. Including date, type, lien description and parties involved……………1 Credit Needed to Download Document.
Deed Image Download the most recent Deed recorded and get full legal description, any easement and other exclusions written in the Deed…………….1 Credit Needed to Download Document.
Mortgage Image: Download the most recent Mortgage recorded and get loan amount, date, interest rate, buyer’s and lender’s names……………1 Credit Needed to Download Document.


1  Credit = 1 Document Download. Check out our Pricing Plans 

What’s the cost per credit?

Depending on the volume, the cost per credit varies from $20 down to $12 the higher volume your purchase  the lower the cost of your document downloads. To get more details go to In-App Pay-As-You-Go Options.

If you need assistance, please contact customer support at or by calling 1-800-773-4062 (8:30am-2:30pm pst)