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No Information On The Property I Searched

Sometimes a search doesn’t yield enough information. That can be frustrating. You invested time and money to look online, and still can’t find the data you wanted. Here are a few reasons why and what you can do.

  1. One reason you may not be finding information can be the way the search is run.’s search widget uses autocomplete technology that automatically matches against the United States Postal Service (USPS) database. It looks for a deliverable mailing addresses in the United States. You won’t get results if the address is entered incorrectly or the postal service doesn’t deliver to that address. We chose to go with the USPS database over Google’s search because the USPS database more closely mirrors town/county address records where Google created their own version of addresses that may or may not correlate with public records.
  2. Another reason there may not be enough information is because of what the town or county provide for information. The nature of property data means that we rely on 3,000+ counties in the US to update their data and provide it to us. While merges data from a few sources, some municipalities still haven’t digitized their data. That means you’ll have to either go to the clerk/recorder/assessor or hire a service that will do this for you.
  3. Municipalities sometimes only digitize their most recent data and go back only to a certain year, but the whole history of the property, may still not be available online. We are beholden to the schedule of each individual office and cannot perform the updates before they provide this data.
  4. While we cover most of the country, there are some rare cases where we have yet to have an agreement in place with a municipality.
  5. Sometimes there may not be enough information in your search results is because that is all that’s available. Not every property has a long ownership history and not every office will report this accurately, and we may inherit the errors within the web service. An example is subdivisions. Not every property has mortgage history. An example is a cash buyer. Not every property has structural details. An example is land or modular homes.
  6. No Deed Image available:
    1. The municipality may not have digitized their data and its not available online.
    2. We don’t have an agreement in place with the municipality.
  7. No Mortgage record available:
    1. Mortgage was incorrectly recorded by the municipality and filed under the deed. Try downloading the deed image under the Deed tab.
    2. There’s no Mortgage under that property.
    3. The municipality may not have it digitized their data and its not available online.
    4. We don’t have an agreement in place with the municipality, there’s no coverage.

If you want more in depth help on an issue, you can always request help using this link. Our team will happily assist you.

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