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How to Download the Mortgage Image

How To Download the Mortgage in helps professionals in the mortgage, lending and insurance industry quickly find accurate real estate data for over 3,200 counties across the U.S. Owner lookups, preliminary title searches, deed images, open liens, resident history, tax info and more. It takes seconds to download the most recent copy of the Mortgage.

Mortgage informaton can be found in the Rapid Insights Report included in your subscription. If you need the actual copy of the most recent Mortgage, you can also download the image. The Mortgage Image is offered as an Enhanced Document.  Enhanced Documents are offered as additional pieces of information that you can use if you need to dig deeper in your research on any specific property. You’ll need a credit in order to be able to download the Mortgage. Depending on what Purchase Plan you choose, the plan will include free credit download to access Enhanced Documents. Your credit balance is always displayed on the top of your screen when you are logged into the portal.

  1. Go to:
  2. You can search by property address or Parcel Number in the search bar.
  3. Go to “Enhanced Docs, Images & Reports“.
  4. Select “Mortgage Image” and click “Download“.
  5. You can always find your downloads under “Download History“.

If you need assistance, please contact customer support at or by calling 1-800-773-4062 (8:30am-2:30pm pst)

Most recent financial transaction


Most recent financial transaction mortgage image document on a property.
Most recent financial transaction mortgage image document on a property.