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How To Download the Deed Image

How To Download the Deed in 

There are two ways to find Deed Details:

1.-  Once you are in the Property wiew; Go to the “Deed Info” tab. Here you can find Deed data extracted from the Deed, such as: Deed Type, transfer amount, grantor, grantee, Title company. You can also download the Rapid Insights Report included in your subsription at no additional cost.

2.-If you need the actual copy of the most recent Deed, you may download the document image. The Deed Image is offered as an Enhanced Document and you’ll need a credit in order to be able to download this document. All subscription plans include free credit download to access Enhanced Documents. Your credit balance is always displayed on the top of your screen when you are logged into the portal.

How To Download the Deed in 

  1. If you already have an account, go to:
  2. Search by property address or Parcel Number in the search bar.
  3. Go to the “Deed Info” tab to see the data or  go to “Enhanced Docs, Images & Reports” to download deed.
  4. Select “Deed Image” and click “Download” to get Deed
  5. You can always find your downloads under “Download History“.

Note: Sometimes data is not extraced from the Deed, so even if there’s no information on the “Deed Info” tab, always check,  you may still find the copy of the Deed under “Deed Image”

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