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Group Accounts – Roles and Permissions

Group Accounts –  Roles and Permissions

This feature is offered from Premium users. You now have the peace of mind that your payment details are safe while colaborating with your team members without running the risk of making payments, changing password or downloading reports without your permission.

How do Group Accounts work? Its easy!

  1. Under the “Users” icon on your left sidebar, you can create roles, that will determine the users access. Let’s say, you want a role that can only search properties, another role that can execute document downloads, a third role that has full access.
  2. Once roles have been created, go ahead and create user accounts. Enter the name, email and select role . Your user will receive an email invitation with a temporary password to give access to the platform.
  3. You can also manage users, activate, change roles or inactivate.

Enjoy researching with your group with  peace of mind!! Group Accounts