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Tutorial #2 How to find the Owner of a Property

Are you finding what you need? Here are some extra hints that we think may help you get familiar with the application.

Tip #1 –   How To Find The Owner Of A Property?  Click on the Owner’s name! This will take you to a name directory, search for the closest match!

Tip # 2  Enhanced Documents. These are additional pieces of information that you can use if you need to dig deeper into your research.

Depending on your Purchase Plan, the plan will include free credit download to access Enhanced Documents. Your credit balance is always displayed on the top right of your screen once you are logged into the portal. You can choose which additional document(s) you would like to download to add to your Property Report.

  1. Rapid Insights Report
  2. Preliminary Title Report
  3. Copy of most recent Deed Image
  4. Copy of most recent Mortgage image.
  5. If you need more Enhanced Document credits, check out Pay-As-You-Go for more information.

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