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What are Enhancement Documents?

What are Enhancement Documents? 

Enhancement Documents are offered as additional pieces of information that you can use if you need a more through research on any specific property.
You can pick and choose which additional document(s) you’d like to download to add to your Property Report.
Depending on what  Purchas Plan you choose, the plan will include free credit download to access Enhancement Documents 
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We currently offer the following Enhancement Documents available for download

1  Credit = 1 Download


– Preliminary Title Reports : This is a property report that contains all the fields available in each tab.  Including property records, structure details, deed info, mortgage history, plus whether or not there are any open involuntary liens on a property)
– Most recent Deed Image:  This is the actual copy of the Deed, including type of Deed, Grantor, Grantee, Exhibit A or Legal Description, Signatures, etc.
– Most recent Mortgage Image: This is the actual copy of the Mortgage, including name of the mortgage holder, parties involved, amount and date
Your credit balance is always displayed on the top right of your screen, once you are logged into the portal.

Where in the portal can I get access to download these Enhancement Documents?

Once you are in the property view, just click where it says ” Enhancement Documents” and you’ll be able to select the documents you’d like to add to your report
What if I need higher volumes?     We offer In-App Pay-As-You-Go Options.