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Do you provide Mortgage and Equity Information

Mortgage and Equity Information

This is a very common question. The short answer is, unless you have the owner’s permission to run a credit check this information is not publicly available, but you can get a close estimate.

We provide the sale amount and recorded date, if you estimate what the interest rate was at the time the mortgage was recorded and the term of the mortgage (most are 15, 20 or 30 years) you can estimate the loan balance if the payments have been current from the date of the recording. This should give you a good approximate of whether the owner has a large equity position, a small one, or whether they are at risk of default.

Other options are:

  1. Contact a local Realtor who will do this research for you in the hope of representing you when you are ready to buy, or
  2. Use our platform to run Title searches and find out if there are other liens against the property. You may also download a copy of the most recent mortgage directly from our platform in a matter of seconds.