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Parcel Number Search (APN)

How to search by APN Number? (Assessor’s Parcel Number)

We are here to rescue you! If you have an address you’ll be able to locate the county APN or (Assessor’s Parcel Number ) more commonly known as the Property Parcel Number in an instant!

Enter the address in the search widget. This action will take you to the “Property view” click on the first tab labeled “Property Records” below “Property Ownership” sub-header you’ll see the APN

On the other hand: If you are trying to run a Property Parcel Number Search (APN). Choose the “Search by APN” option and the search widget will come up. Fill up the APN field, since APN’s are formatted differently, you may just enter it as you have it (including spaces, comas, dots, etc) the APN free form will “format it” and search it, as long as you know the county and the state, a result should come up helps professionals in the lending, insurance and investment industry to quickly find accurate real estate data for over 3,200 counties across the U.S. Owner lookups, preliminary title searches, deed images, automated valuation models, resident history and more. Try us out today!

Parcel Number Search (APN)
Parcel Number Search (APN)

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Parcel Number Search

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