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How To Download a Preliminary Title Report (Sample) G2 AwardsHow To Download a Preliminary Title Report

Conducting a property title search is a critical part of the real estate transaction process. You need to research various sources and methods to retrieve property-related data filed in public records to identify the rightful legal owner of the property and any potential issues related to it. Professionals such as investors, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, or lawyers often conduct title searches. However, you can also perform one on your own to save on costs. Despite being time-consuming and requiring research, it can be completed quickly and easily with the right tools.

Luckily, many online resources are available that allow you to run a property title search quickly and easily. By signing up for an online title search service, you can generate a title report in minutes for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional. These services use public records to examine the property’s ownership history and potential issues. Once you have a preliminary title report, you can present it to a professional examiner for further analysis if necessary.

To learn more about conducting your own title search effectively and efficiently, you can watch instructional videos or read guides that provide step-by-step instructions. By running a thorough title search, you can avoid any potential legal issues in the future and ensure that you have clear title to the property.

If you are looking for properties nationwide and you are in need of a Property Title, you can quickly and simply sign into our application and run Title Reports in minutes for a fraction of the cost. Watch a quick video on how you can conduct your own Title Search

A Preliminary Title Report is offered as an “Enhanced Document”  or an additional piece of information offered for a more through research. In order to have access to these document downloads, you must have an Active Monthly or Annual Subscription and you will be using a credit when you download this document.

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Search by “Address or Assesor’s Parcel Number”
  3. Click on “Enhanced Docs, Reports & Images Downloads“.
  4. Choose “Preliminary Title Report (Includes liens)
    Click the “Download” and follow steps.
  5. The report should download straight into your device for you to save.
  6. Your downloads are store for up to 7 days with an active subcription under “Download History”.

See how easy it is to run your own Title Search. Click to see video here

Preliminary Title Sample Report

Property Preliminary Title Downloads




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