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How To Run a Property Title Search

How To Run a Property Title Search

Yes, you can conduct your own Title Search yourself ! … and it only takes minutes!

Whether you are an investor, mortgage broker, insurance broker or work at a law firm and in the real estate field, many times you have the need to run a title search.  A title search produces a title report of a given property to identify the rightful legal owner of the property.

The process requires researching various sources and methods to retrieve property related data filed in public records.  One of the challenges is have is that not all data is collected the same way, so how do you manage to run your searches in a more effective and efficient way?

A title search can uncover any financial rulings against the owner of that property title which could affect you financially in the future. A Property Title Report should reveal any claims or liens on the property that could affect your decisions. Of course, you can reduce the cost of a title search by conducting it yourself, if you need further assistance, you can then present the Title to an examiner to analyze, but you don’t need to hire a law firm or a Title company to run a Title Report.

If you are looking for properties nationwide and you are in need of a Property Title, you can quickly and simply sign into our application and run Title Reports in minutes for a fraction of the cost.

Watch a quick video on how you can conduct your own Title Search.  See how easy it is to run your own Title Search

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Search by “Address, APN or People”
  3. Click on “Enhancement Docs, Reports & Images Downloads” from the side menu bar
  4. Choose “Preliminary Title Report (Includes liens)
    Click the “Download” and follow steps.
  5. You’ll can now save it in your files.

Property Preliminary Title Downloads